Welcome to Well Skelmersdale

Well Skelmersdale is about us – the local people who live here in the heart of our community day in day out. For us, this is a big dream becoming a reality. This is the foundation of something bigger and better for all of us.

Well Skelmersdale’s goal is to create the conditions that allow us to reach our full potential. It is about aiming high and creating healthy environments for healthy living. These are environments that foster better conditions in which to live, learn, work, play, grow, socialise. This is something we believe everyone is entitled to. We are focused on unleashing the potential in our people and our place.

Well Skelmersdale is a vibrant, diverse and growing collaboration across community, voluntary, faith, charitable, business, enterprise and public sectors focused around the same goal and with the same commitment to ensure we achieve what we set out to do. We know that Skelmersdale has huge scope and we are focused on making connections and joining the dots in a way not seen before.

It’s about raising aspiration, mobilising leadership and intelligent partnerships.

It’s about backing people who do real things that make a difference.

All of this is being done with Skelmersdale communities at the forefront, providing the ideas, the solutions, the momentum, the leadership, and above all the natural passion to change.

Our approach has been organic and evolving, with key themes emerging:

  • An enterprise hub
  • Education, skills and learning
  • Making the most of the local environment and our town centre developments.
  • Specific action to improve respiratory health ......and more.

How successful Well Skelmersdale becomes will depend on people, relationships and culture. As we set out for the unknown, we know we have the people, ability, passion and skills to strive for more and ultimately achieve what we all deserve – a healthy environment to foster healthy living and achieve our aspirations.

Here is a short film about what we are doing in Well Skelmersdale, and you can find out more on our blog.

Well Skelmersdale Lead Kathryn Kavanagh also shares an update on the wide range of projects underway and future plans for our Pathfinder here.

You can also keep in touch with everything Well Skelmersdale via our , and channels.

We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us, and if you’d like to get involved please get in touch!

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