Our history

Well North timeline

Spring 2014

Professor Aidan Halligan shared his ideas with colleagues about starting a new movement to improve the health of the poorest people fastest, across a number of communities. Aidan and his team created a plan to deliver Well North.

Summer 2014

Public Health England considered a bid for funding to support Well North, and awarded £9 million to cover the first three years.

Winter 2014/15

Recruitment of a team to set up and run Well North, led by Chief Executive Sam Tunney.

April 2015

First three pathfinders joined Well North – Well Doncaster, Well Oldham and Well Sefton.

April 2015

Death of Aidan Halligan.

Summer 2015

Review of Well North’s progress and process for moving forward under new leadership.

September 2015

Lord Andrew Mawson appointed Executive Chairman.

January 2016

Next three pathfinders joined Well North - Well Bradford, Well Halton and Well Skelmersdale.

June 2016

Launch of new Well North website

September 2016

Next two pathfinders joined Well North – Well Newcastle-Gateshead and Well Whitehaven.