Ms Sally Young

Chief Executive of Newcastle CVS

I have worked with and for the voluntary and community sector for over 30 years. I have managed small, medium-sized and large (for the North East) charities. My skills are around Strategy and policy for the charity sector, campaigning, public policy, working across and with different sectors and engaging with a range of people and communities.

I am Chief Executive of Newcastle CVS, the infrastructure organisation supporting the voluntary and community sector in Newcastle and Gateshead. I was instrumental in setting up the Blue Stone Consortium and I am a trustee. My role means I actively engage with Newcastle and Gateshead Councils, their Public Health Departments, the NHS, the universities as well as local community and voluntary organisations.

My key driver is challenging poverty and inequality. My background in the NHS and Local Government was around engagement and involvement of different communities. I’m particularly interested in working with women and children, asylum seekers and refugees. I recognise that many people and communities do not have equal chances