Science Summer School

Tuesday 26th July 2016

All Day

St Paul's Way Trust School - London

Over 150 children from schools across our pathfinder areas will be attending the 5th annual St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School on 26 & 27th July, hosted in London by Professor Brian Cox.

Well North pupils will be joining many other young people from schools across London at the St Paul’s Way Trust School. They will take part in seminars, discussions, hands-on experiments and networking opportunities designed to inspire and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers in the UK.

The St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School has been successfully running for five years. It provides an exciting view of cutting edge scientific research alongside exploration of scientific areas in greater depth than lessons allow, or that lie outside the normal science curriculum completely.

Whatever the specific nature of the workshop, presentation or talk, the Science Summer School helps those with a genuine enjoyment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based subjects to learn from some of the most influential and internationally renowned scientific minds in the world.

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