Contextualising - the world we are working in today


The Neo-Generalist – this short article explores the skills of the neo-generalist including the importance of the skills of contextualisation.

NHS The EDGE Platform – this platform is full of articles to help you to learn about the world we are working in, particularly around the health and care system.

MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through policy – this simple approach helps you to think about how small changes can shift behaviour.


Fundamentals of the social age – a free online course that gives a great introduction to the social age and what this means for how we live and work.

• – this short video inspires us to think about the steps we can take to make the changes that matters to us.

Coaching Network – this free online peer to peer coaching service is a great way as a leader to find the space to explore the context in which you are working today and what this means for leading with a social conscience.