Our vision

Everyone wants a comfortable home, a good job and a healthy life to enjoy with family and friends. But life isn’t always equal or fair.

People who get a raw deal often lose health, happiness and hope, and Well North’s founder Aidan Halligan recognised this.

He knew people and places could change for the better, and that it was important to see local people as the solution – not the problem. He also realised that doing things with rather than to people was a recipe for success.

Creating better health and wellbeing is all about being part of a vibrant and connected community and living in a pleasant environment, rather than just quitting smoking or eating better - important though these are. It means tackling debt, lack of jobs and training, missed education opportunities, poor housing, and loneliness. Being creative, having fun and joining up the dots is key to success.

Well North links people who share this vision and want to unleash the exciting potential within places and individuals. Our goal is to help transform neighbourhoods into dynamic communities where local people can live, work and thrive.