Know and develop your inner leader

Know and develop your inner leader


Five ways to wellbeing – these five simple things can keep us well and healthy and help us be a more effective leader.

• – this short video shares what we mean by a growth and mixed mindset. It encourages us to celebrate trying and learn the skill of learning.

The 6 signature traits of inclusive leaders – this piece describes the power of difference in all areas and describes how inclusive leaders embrace this.


I-Resilience Questionnaire – A simple tool for exploring personal levels of resilience. The report gives you an overview of the areas that are supporting your resilience and those that you could develop to increase your levels.

VIA Character Strengths – helps you to explore your personal strength; being armed with this information can help you to focus on where you get your energy and flourish and where you might need to look to others for areas that you are less strong in.

Future Learn – a great online portal with a wide range of free online courses on a wide range of leadership and personal develop topics.