Sonia Fayyaz

Well Bradford Programme Manager

I’m a relationship builder who strongly believes in empowering communities to instigate change from the bottom-up. I have around 15 years’ experience in working and delivering outcomes with local communities and organisations from different cultures, faiths, expectations and aspirations.

As Programme Manager, I manage and lead the delivery of the Well Bradford programme in Girlington. I ensure that the work is implemented in line with the programme’s strategic action plans and work streams. I work very closely with a host of local, regional and national organisations to support and deliver Well Bradford’s vision.

I’m passionate about our vision and the prospect of working with our communities to improve the quality of life and enable better access to health and wellbeing services and facilities.

The passion for what I do comes from looking after my mother, who has been unwell for many years. I’ve experienced many barriers and hurdles whilst trying to access the best treatments for her. This has made me more determined to support, encourage and empower the BAME/transients and indigenous communities to overcome any barriers to accessing vital services and facilities, as well as to give them a voice. Therefore, I wholeheartedly champion cultural change, which empowers these communities and offers a better quality of life and better access to services.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family. I am mommy to a bubbly four-year-old daughter, with whom I love learning new things and seeing the world in a new light. Every day is a new adventure with her. I also enjoy travelling and am very interested in art, culture, history, architecture and of course food.