Brian Scowcroft

Chairman, Land and Lakes Ltd.

A Chartered Accountant (ACA) and Deputy Lieutenant (DL), I'm from Salford but now live in the Lake District. My skills are as an entrepreneur, which basically means I see opportunities and am prepared to take the risk and put in the hard work to make the ideas happen. I'm not so good at detail.

I've been involved in a number of business projects, but the key ones have been insurance broking, the regeneration/redevelopment of industrial sites and now the provision of accommodation for the construction workers building nuclear reactors in Cumbria and Anglesey. The latter project's objective is to minimise the impact and maximise the legacy in relation to that workforce.

I also have an altruistic track record, in particular in relation to cancer research, sponsoring academies and youth service provision.

My contribution to Well Whitehaven is to seek to play a key role personally and through my company Land and Lakes Ltd in the regeneration of Whitehaven and the wider communities within Copeland. Specifically, this is to deliver quality housing together with sport and leisure facilities and to deliver or support commercial developments in Whitehaven, consisting of office, hotel and retail, to make Whitehaven a place where people want to be. I would also like to place a particular emphasis on the delivery of facilities for young people and in ensuring that employment, training and sponsorship opportunities are available to them.

I'm passionate about making the most of every day. I enjoy keeping fit, skiing, sailing, motor biking, shooting, supporting Manchester United, old cars and walking in the Lake District. I have seven grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them and my family, especially when camping. I enjoy my work and altruistic projects and like to "make a difference".