Collaboration - connected, networker, mobiliser, social (create social and digital platforms)


Working out loud a social age trait – in this short blog post Julian Stodd explores how the age that we live in encourages us to work out loud and share as we go to get better results faster.

The Collaborative Citizen – this report looks at the importance and value of working collaboratively with citizens to deliver quality public services.

8 Differences Between Traditional and Collaborative Leaders – this article looks at the difference between more traditional styles of leadership and collaborative leaders.


Working Out Loud Circles – the 12 guides allow you to set up your own Working Out Loud circle that allows you to build connections, achieve your goals and develop the traits of working out loud.

9 ways to engage people (other than surveys) – this helps you look at how you can collaborate with those you want to understand through using a range of tools.

The 18 best tools for online collaboration – collaboration happens face to face and online and this article explores a range of tools that can help leaders to maximise the opportunities of collaboration online.