Keith Cartner

Community representative for Mirehouse Residents Group

Cumbrian born and bred, I’ve had the privilege to have been involved in community development and engagement in local West Cumbrian communities for over 20 years. This includes meeting residents of all generations and (hopefully) providing opportunities and choice to empower and enable them to make a difference, not only in their own lives but also in their neighbours’ and their community. My skills are in working with people, community engagement and participation, and in sourcing funding for community activities and environmental improvements.

At Well Whitehaven, I’m the community representative for Mirehouse Residents Group, and my role is to bring representatives from the local community into the project.

I’m passionate about enabling communities to have a say in changes that may affect them rather than have these just imposed upon them, and sourcing opportunities to improve quality of life, through informed choice. Personally, I’m passionate about Rugby League (Workington Town) and wine!!