Laura Sherburn

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Lead

I have worked in the NHS for 15 years, in various roles for local, regional and national organisations. My experience is predominantly in strategic commissioning and leadership, requiring a range of skills and abilities - most importantly, relationship building and connecting with people from different backgrounds and professions.

Within Well Doncaster, I represent Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group, and help support the aspects of the work that relate to healthcare. I engage the local GPs in understanding the benefits and outcomes of the Well Doncaster approach, and keep it on the clinical commissioning agenda.

I believe that you can’t overestimate the power of human connection, and that leaders within the health and social care system have a duty to cultivate this in every dimension of their work. I’m interested in how leadership at every level, starting in the community, can realise benefits for patients and citizens.

Outside of work, I enjoy music, reading, fitness, and holidays with my husband and four- year-old daughter.